Y1 Vol 2 Postscript

It’s been four months since we last met. This is Syougo Kinugasa.

The summer heat still lingers during this time of year, but are you all doing well? Lately I’ve been suffering every day from some dull pain on my right side, back pain, and dizziness that comes from the headaches I’ve been getting. I’m going to go in for a thorough medical examination as soon as possible. Doing physical

examinations is impossible, though. I’m an old man.

Anyway, this book focuses on a disturbance centered on Sudou, following the midterms. It’s rather difficult for troublemakers to simply change their ways, right? Moreover, since Class D is filled with all kinds of problem children, the day where they can work together is still a long ways off…

Anyway, the story will progress greatly from this point on. You could say that the first act was a fierce battle waged over class points, right? I think that the classmates also revealed things about themselves that weren’t visible before. Anyway, please wait a little while longer. I will do my best.

Shunsaku-sama drew such gorgeous illustrations for this book. I nearly suffocated when I saw the cover art with Kushida. It just had the best expression. It was really good, a wonderful accomplishment.

However, Shunsaku-sama, can you please stop clicking your tongue at me whenever new male characters show up in the story? No matter how much you dislike it, men are going to appear, you know?

Anyway, we went out for yakiniku just like I said (see Novel 1). Did you like the taste of the meat? I’d originally planned to take you to an all-you-can-eat place that cost 1280 Yen, but after some pestering, I ended up paying about 3980 Yen for one order of some high-class yakiniku. I should have known. That was the first time I’ve faced such humiliation.

Please treat me next time. I’d like to eat some sashimi. Maybe some maguro, or some maguro, or some maguro. My house is super close by, so you can’t escape.

(I will report in the following volume whether or not I was able to successfully make Shunsaku-sama treat me).

Anyway, acknowledgments are below.

To my editor, thank you very much for staying on top of me until I met my deadline. I will be sure to pay back your kindness next time. “I already finished the manuscript early, didn’t I?” is what I would say. I’m sure you would definitely be impressed. However, if I just barely manage to squeeze it in before the deadline, I’m sorry. Tee hee! ☆

Lastly, to you, all of my readers. Thank you very much for reading Novel 2 all the way to the end. Even during times when my hands won’t move because of (what is likely) my poor physical health, the fact that people are holding this book in their hands and reading it gives me the encouragement to keep going. I will be diligent from now on, so thank you all very much.

Written on August 15, 2022