Y1 Vol 3 Postscript

Hello, this is Syougo Kinugasa. I’ve started to become health-conscious. There’s been a sake boom recently, so I’ve been drinkingone cup a day, and making sure to relax.

Anyway, in the third volume we begin to understand the goals and policies of each individual class, centered on the special test. The protagonist’s way of thinking and his classmates’ ways of thinking gradually become clear.

Even in modern society, problems arise from the differences in opinion between men and women. As long as the human racecontinues to evolve, I don’t think there will ever be a perfect solutionfor the inequalities based on gender.

Well then, do you remember? In Volume 2, my goal was to have Shunaku-shi treat me to sashimi. Of course, I remembered.

Maguuroo! It was incredibly delicious. Thank you very much. Please, let’s continue to be good partners. As for next time, let’s go out for sea cucumber.

Attention, everyone! We have some news!Yes, Classroom of the Elite will be turned into a manga! When I received the news from the publisher, I was extremely ecstatic, really happy. Ichino Yuyu-sama will draw the manga. I sincerely lookforward to working with you. I’m very much looking forward to whenthe series will begin serialization in January!Phew. Now then, how about we get to the postscript? No, there’s one more thing to report. Actually, in the previous postscript, there was one other thing I wrote about besides the sashimi story. I think no one else cares about this at all, but it’s a story that makes me hang my head in shame when I remember.

I’ll come out and say it. This is to my past self: Did you seriously mean to say something like “I’ve already finished the manuscript early”?You moron! Idiot! You fool! You wound up eating your own words! Yes! You completely messed it up! Way out of bounds! Yes, I ended up causing a lot of trouble for my editor. Even now, as I’m writing this postscript, I can see the tear stains of my dear editor, who works so diligently. The tears just won’t stop coming.

You really are an idiot, Kinugasa-kun! Reflect on your faults!Phew. The guilty Kinugasa has reflected. You can rest assured of that. Therefore, the Kinugasa who has reflected on his actions dares to say, “I will definitely finish more quickly next time!” Then, he will write it.

And I’ll add that I’ll be sorry if I’m late again!Well everyone, I will report on the results again next time, in the nextvolume. Hopefully it’ll be good news!

Written on August 17, 2022