Y2 Vol 6 English Epilogue

Epilogue: Autumn Is Coming

Hasebe called out to Miyake, who was waiting for him at the door, and lightly tapped his shoulder, “What are you waiting for?”

“No, I’m not really waiting for much. I’m bored.”

Hasebe missed a week of school, but has been showing up every day since then.

“Are you glad you quit the archery club?” “It’s not like I was coasting to begin with.” “It’s my fault, right?”

“It wasn’t. I only quit because I wanted to. That’s not the point, I’m glad you started coming to school.”

At the sports festival, he only participated in the minimum five events. She didn’t get any results, but at least she contributed to the class.

However, she rarely speaks to anyone other than Miyake, and is a bit distant from Yukimura, who agreed to expel Sakura from school. Assuming that this was unavoidable for now, Miyake continued to stand by her side without saying a word.

“At first, I was going to destroy everything. I thought I should get back at all my classmates for abandoning Airi, not just Kiyopon. I’m a bad guy, I know.”

“No, I know how you feel.”

“Someone had to drop out of school in that exam. But it had to be Kushida-san. That was the first promise we made, and it’s the right one. Isn’t that right?”

“I guess.”

“I will not forgive Kiyopon. I won’t forgive my classmates. But I thought it’s not like I’m going to keep dragging you down and make you suffer forever.” She confesses all her thoughts to Miyake with a penetrating and silent goal. “Hey Miyachi. Will you help me... with my revenge?”

Her eyes are not smiling, and Miyake doesn’t have the courage to ask her back if she’s serious.


“What a joke.” Laughing and fooling around, Haruka walks away. “I’ll take my revenge alone.”

“I’m not…”

Hasebe’s hand is held out, then withdrawn. She turns her back and walks away. While showing his hesitation, Miyake silently began to walk after her.


Written on March 5, 2022