Y2 Vol 7 English Afterword


The year 2023 is approaching. It’s too soon, Kinugasa here.

Eating ginger has recently become my boom, and I regularly buy a few kilos of ginger, grate it, buy a few kilos of ginger, grate it, and repeat the process, eating it with meat and vegetables.

I especially like the combination of eringi mushrooms, ginger, and lemon sauce the best.

Hehehe, I’ve revealed a bit of my private life that no one is interested in.

Yes, I did. I was disturbed because I had nothing in particular to write about, but let’s move on to the main topic.

This story is mainly about the cultural festival in November.

I know some of you may have wanted to see the costumes of the other students, but please understand that this is a story for another time.

The story is progressing smoothly without stopping.

Soon the second semester will end, and we will enter the winter break and the turbulent third semester.

Although the number of volumes is a little larger than originally expected, the second grade version has finally passed the turn of the year. I feel that we are getting closer and closer to the conclusion of the story.

Will Ayanokōji be able to graduate from school safely? How will each class end up in the end?

I think we will be able to see the whole picture little by little, so please wait with baited breath.

And then! Finally, the second season of the anime will start in July! We have been waiting for it for a long time.

I waited so long that I was wondering how long I had to wait.

I can’t wait to see Ayanokōji and his friends in action for the first time in several years.

And since a third season is also planned, well, how can I say …… that I am filled with emotion. Whether you like YouZitsu or not, whether you are interested or not, I hope everyone will watch it.

I will watch it as one of those who have been waiting for the second season more than anyone else. Yay!

Finally, I would like to make an unusually serious announcement. Please understand this in advance.

The second season of the TV anime “Classroom of The Elite” will start soon. I have written a special volume, a volume “0” so to say, which will come with the DVD bonus. It was really hard work, and since it is volume 0, it goes into Ayanokōji’s past. The illustrator, Tomose-sensei, has cooperated fully with me, and the volume and number of illustrations are the same as those in the main volume of the book.

That is all for now, and I will leave you with this afterword. I hope to see you all again somewhere within this year.

Written on July 1, 2022